Sunday Afternoons trucker collage


Danielle Quigley

danielle quigley

Raised in Denver, Colorado, Danielle is a full-time artist who is passionate about the outdoors, the environment, and making beautiful art both accessible and approachable. Inspired by the mountains and the Rockies in particular, Danielle grew up with a love of drawing which began in high school. She explored a variety of studies in college, eventually landing on a degree in environmental science followed by two years of art school. Danielle took up painting again after graduation and has been self-employed as an artist ever since. As a small business owner designing trucker hats, Danielle has always loved seeing her art come to life on wearables. Check out her unique, one-of-a-kind designs on

Unek Francis

unek francis

Unek “Nate” Francis is a Native American who lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He grew up in the Four Corners Region, his family originating from the Tewa-speaking Pueblo people of New Mexico and Arizona. A self-taught illustrator, graphic designer, photographer, and muralist, Nate grew up backpacking, climbing, and hiking around the Four Corners area. In addition to art and design freelance work, Nate loves being on the water and in nearby canyons, visiting ancestral Pueblo sites and honoring his ancestors who once lived there. A river guide passionate about teaching ancestral Pueblo history, he hopes to eventually open his own paddle boarding business. Nate’s winning design is inspired by his love of camping and star gazing. “Getting away from city life, the stars are so clear—it feels like you could reach up and touch them.” Learn more about Nate at

Hailey Hosken

hailey hosken

Raised in Anchorage, Alaska, Hailey has lived in Bozeman, Montana for the last ten years, where she attended college to study biology and later shifted to graphic design. An avid climber who is inspired by mountain landscapes she has visited, Hailey works at a climbing gym and freelances in graphic design. Her work includes commissioned art, book designs, logo and identity work, and t-shirt designs, particularly for events at the climbing gym. Her designs typically involve visual research from places she has visited. She does a lot of free form artwork in Illustrator, as well as print making and wood blocking. Her winning design was inspired by the Rockies skyline and mountains she calls home. Learn more about Hailey at

Barbara Counsil

Barbara Counsil

Barbara lives in Springfield, OR and has been in Oregon for seven years. An accomplished illustrator, she has illustrated several books including “You Are a Great and Powerful Wizard” as well as two children's books. Barbara is working on her third book project now. In addition, she is applying for grants to build alters around landscape paintings to protect public lands. Barbara teaches drawing and painting classes in the evenings at Maude Kerns Art Center, teaching adults drawing and watercolor. Inspired by her love of backpacking and the outdoors, Barbara enjoys exploring and learning about nature, discovering forms and colors that are everywhere. During the summer, she works part-time as a Ranger Assistant for Oregon State Parks, including past assignments in the Columbia Gorge. She loves it because it’s a great way to study the natural world. Barbara appreciates a good sense of humor and loves capturing moods and personalities of creatures. “I love putting in an effort to hike a distance on a trail. The rewards are tremendous, to sleep under the stars.” Next on her list: illustrating her own book. Learn more about Barbara at