Sarah Sameh on Mt. Hood


As we turn the page on 2020—an unparalleled year that challenged and stretched us all—and approach our 30th anniversary in 2022, we are inspired to come together now more than ever.

Together in our collective resilience.

Together in our shared learning, listening, and outreach to ensure marginalized voices are heard.

Together in our commitment to innovative craftsmanship, ethical manufacturing, and meaningful conservation.

Together in our humanity and our search for more—more of what really matters—like time with the people we love, in places that fill us up.

Together in our dedication to being healthier, to stepping outdoors to recharge our spirits and test our limits, and to finding connection by disconnecting.

Together in our shared love of life, dreaming big while living for the small moments.

This February, as we celebrate and honor love, Black History Month, and new beginnings, never doubt how far we can go together.

Best wishes for a healthy, hopeful, and adventurous year ahead.

Sarah Sameh