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On March 8, people around the world honor and celebrate women. This International Women’s Day, we recognize the achievements of two strong, smart, creative women whose talents have helped make our company the dynamic outdoor brand it is today.

Angeline Lacy

Designer, mom, and lover of the outdoors, Angeline Lacy is co-founder of Sunday Afternoons. In 1988, when Angeline dreamed up the Original Adventure Blanket™ to make outdoor weekend adventures even more fun for her growing family, she and her husband, co-founder Robbin Lacy, never dreamed that Sunday Afternoons would become the global brand it is today. She and Robbin began selling blankets at local craft fairs, and before they knew it, demand for the blankets grew faster than they could keep up. When scraps from production began piling up, they once again imagined something new, and repurposed the fabric into what would become the Sunday Afternoons Original Adventure Hat™.

“The idea of Sunday Afternoons came about during weekends outdoors, spending time outside with family and friends doing the things we loved. Today, that’s still what our company is about—capturing that Sunday feeling … spending time outside with loved ones.” – Angeline Lacy

Sarah Sameh

In 2015, CEO Sarah Sameh joined our team, bringing with her the experience, wisdom, and compassion that have enabled Sunday Afternoons to grow into a socially and environmentally conscious outdoor brand. Not only has Sunday Afternoons thrived under Sarah’s strategic leadership, her thoughtful approach has also ensured that every voice is heard. With Sarah’s guidance, Sunday Afternoons continues to evolve responsibly and give back to outdoor organizations that protect the places so important to us.

As two exceptional women leaders, Angeline and Sarah have shaped the Sunday Afternoons brand and allowed it to flourish. Alongside them, countless other remarkable women make meaningful contributions every single day. Our company would not be what it is today without the talent, intelligence, creativity, and dedication of women in all areas of our business.

And so, as we celebrate International Women’s Day, we express our deep gratitude to all the outstanding women—employees, suppliers, customers, partners, and fans—who help make Sunday Afternoons a success. We could not do it without you!