Kids' Cowboy Hats

At Sunday Afternoons, our collection of kids’ cowboy hats are perfect for kids to horse around in as they explore the world. Featuring fun, vibrant colors and styles, children can stay cool, comfortable, and stylish on a hot summer day.

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What materials are used for kids’ cowboy hats?

Our kid’s cowboy hats are designed with 100% breathable polyester for added cooling and comfort during warm weather. Kids' rodeo hats also have an interior sweatband to help children stay dry as the weather warms up.

Do cowboy hats protect kids from the sun?

Absolutely. With UPF 50+ sun protection, kids can enjoy the outdoors and stay protected without sacrificing comfort or style. Additionally, cowboy hats include a flexible brim that can be worn upright for a classic cowboy look or down to keep as much sun out of their eyes as possible.

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Can kids’ cowboy hats get wet?

For specific information on whether the cowboy hat you’re interested in is water-safe, check the hat’s Features & Specs for more information. Our kids’ hats for outdoors are designed to be durable, comfortable and go along with whatever kids do outdoors—without the fuss.

Are kids’ cowboy hats adjustable?

Yes, our cowboy hats for kids are adjustable. Each hat is designed with a slip-knot sizing mechanism, so they fit nice and snug even as kids run, jump, and play. Great for kids on the move and growing fast! Now your kids can grow with their cowboy hat or pass it down when the time comes.

Does your kid’s cowboy hat no longer fit? Snap a picture and complete our Trade Up Program form to receive 50% off a larger-sized hat!