Boys Sun Hats

We make all of our boys’ sun hats out of high-quality, durable, sun protective materials so that no matter the activity or destination, Sunday Afternoons hats will accompany boys on their journey.

Boys' Sun Hats FAQs

Can boys’ sun hats be worn at the beach?

Of course! The beach is an ideal place for your child to wear one of our boys’ sun hats. Nearly all of our boys’ hats offer UPF 50+ sun protection, meaning the hat blocks 98% or more of the sun’s rays. During a sunny beach day, this type of protection can help to minimize the harmful effects that UV rays can have on your child.

Additionally, while all of our boys’ sun hats are lightweight and breathable, many of them are also stain and water resistant and offer floatable brims. Our kids’ sun hats are perfect for when you want to hang out at the beach on a hot day.

What if my child grows out of a boys’ sun hat?

While it’s inevitable that your kid will grow up—maybe even faster than you’d like—we design our boys’ sun hats to last as long as possible. We do this by designing most of our hats, even our boys’ fedoras and boys’ trucker hats, with adjustable sizing features to accommodate a child’s growth. However, once your child eventually outgrows a Sunday Afternoons boys’ sun hat, you can check out our Kids’ Trade Up Program to purchase a new kids’ sun hat at a discounted price.

Can I pack my boy’s sun hat when I travel?

Yes, we always want you to be able to take your hat with you on your adventures! That’s why we offer so many different black sun hats that are designed to be tYes, you can pack your boy’s sun hat when you travel. We know it can be a challenge traveling with children, which is why we make it as simple as possible to pack our boys’ sun hats. Many of the hats in our collection are crushable, making them easy to quickly stow away in a suitcase, handbag, or stroller. Check the Care & Content tab on our product page for specific packing instructions.

What material are toddler boys’ sun hats made from?

We design all of our boys’ sun hats using materials that are both comfortable and durable. In the case of our toddler boys’ sun hats, most are made from a super soft polyester or nylon. If you’re curious about the materials of a specific hat, go to the product description and look under the tab “Care & Content.”