Women's Ribbon Hats

With a Sunday Afternoons ribbon hat, you can stay protected and stylish on sunny days.

Can you wear ribbon hats in the summer?

A ribbon hat is the quintessential summer accessory. Take a sun hat with ribbon with you to the beach, and stay cool and shaded while you kick back and relax. Closer to home, wear a ribbon hat on your patio or work in the garden during hot summer months.

How do you pick a ribbon hat?

The first step in picking out a ribbon hat is to determine what you want out of it. Do you want a lightweight, packable hat you can take on vacation? In that case, our Beach Hat would do the trick. Or are you looking for a women’s visor hat you can wear while you work in the garden? For this, our Sonoma Visor is up to the task. Before making your selection, be sure to read through the “Features & Specs” tab of the ribbon hat you’re looking at to get up to speed on all of the product details.

Can you wear a ribbon hat in the rain?

The sun hats with ribbon we offer generally aren’t designed for wet and rainy conditions. However, we do have some more heavy-duty options on our website. Browse our women’s bucket hats to find waterproof options that can keep you dry on even the rainiest of days. You might also take a look at our women’s insulated hats for those particularly chilly winter days.

What colors do women’s ribbon hats come in?

Our ribbon hats come in a variety of different colors and patterns. Whether you’re looking for a plain white hat or something a bit bolder, we have just the thing for you. In case you can’t find anything you like, head on over to our full collection of women’s adjustable hats, where you’ll find an even wider selection of styles, colors, and patterns!