Men's Wide Brim Sun Hats

Looking to step up your sun protection game? There’s no better place to look than up! A men’s sun hat with a wide brim is a great choice to keep you cool and comfortable all day long. We’ve designed our men’s wide brim hats for ultimate coverage, without sacrificing comfort. Enjoy features like UPF 50+ sun protection, adjustable sizing, wicking sweatbands, and more.

Men’s Wide Brim Sun Hat FAQs

Do men’s wide brim sun hats protect your neck?

Our wide brim sun hats shade your face and neck, too. With a 360-degree brim or wide brim hat with a neck cape in the back, we’ve got your face, ears, and neck covered. Our wide brim sun hats for men have varying brim widths so you can find the perfect one for your needs. Choose from our widest brimmed hats for ultimate shade, step it up a notch with men’s hats with neck capes, or choose a narrower brimmed hat to find balance between shade and visibility.

Do wide brim sun hats for men block UV rays?

A typical men’s wide brim sun hat will offer plenty of shade from the sun. But a wide brim doesn’t necessarily mean you’re protected from the sun’s harmful rays. We take sun protection seriously; that’s why our men’s outdoor sun hats offer UPF 50+ sun protection, the highest sun rating achievable.

What should you wear with wide brim sun hats?

We’ve got a men’s wide brim sun hat for every occasion. Choose a natural fiber, breathable sun hat for a day at the beach. Pick a men’s fedora sun hat featuring cooling, breathable fabric for the golf course. Or, choose a safari-style straw sun hat for a hike to see local wildlife. No matter which sun hat you choose, the most important thing to wear with your wide brim sun hat is plenty of sunscreen!

Can you go fishing in a men’s wide brim sun hat?

Sure! You can go fishing, hiking, sailing, golfing, or do any other outdoor activity your heart desires. That’s the beauty of our men’s outdoor sun hats. They’re practical, comfortable, and plenty versatile!