Ventilated Women's Hats

At Sunday Afternoons, we’ve worked hard to create a range of women’s ventilated hats that are stylish and affordable, and that let your head breathe comfortably. Our ventilated hats allow for ample air circulation and flow, to ensure minimal sweat build-up on your daily adventures, whether it’s lounging by the pool, going on a hike, or running a day full of errands.

How do you style women’s ventilated hats?

Each of our women’s ventilated hats can be uniquely styled to match the wearer’s intended use and aesthetic. Use your creativity and imagination when selecting an outfit to go with your Sunday Afternoons ventilated hat for women. For example, go for a leisurely look by pairing your ventilated hat with fitness or hiking clothes. Or, go for a casual look with a T-shirt and jeans combo. No matter what ensemble you choose, your women’s ventilated hat will keep you cool, comfortable, and looking great!

What materials are used in ventilated hats for women?

Most of our women's ventilated hats are made with lightweight fabrics and materials, such as nylon and polyester, that allow for maximum breathability and airflow. For the exact materials, refer to the “Features and Specs” tab on the ventilated hat of your choice. We also know that with sweat and normal wear and tear comes the possibility of staining. That’s why we also have a collection of women’s stain-resistant hats that are both breathable and easy to clean.

Can a woman’s ventilated hat be worn when exercising?

Our women’s ventilated hats can be worn while exercising and during any type of indoor or outdoor activity. Our breathable fabrics make our ventilated hats the perfect choice for physical activities, as they dry quickly, offer excellent air circulation, and are lightweight.

Do women’s ventilated hats keep you cool?

Yes, our women’s ventilated hats are perfect for keeping you cool, since they provide shade from hot UV rays and excellent ventilation when your body begins to get warm. At Sunday Afternoons, each of our women’s hats has a purpose. For example, our women’s waterproof hats let you navigate easily in the rain, while our women’s adjustable hats can be custom fit to the current wearer. Our women’s insulated hats keep heads warm and, of course, our women’s ventilated hats keep you cool and dry in hot weather.